SEO Introduction: How to write website title and description?

The most basic optimization of SEO is to fill in the title and description of the webpage. If your website does not have this function, you should change the website because this is a fundamental SEO function. Assuming that your website has SEO is the function of filling in meta. How to write the title and description? Here are a few titles and description writing techniques for your reference.

Precautions for website title writing

The title must be brief and to the point.

The title should not be too long. Try not to exceed 30 Chinese characters (including punctuation marks) for the title and 60 letters for English because it is too long to display correctly. Although the title must be short, don’t just write “Homepage,” “Company name,” “XX column”… Such simplification is very detrimental to SEO. A well-written title can increase the click-through rate (CTR), so don’t write the title casually. The creative headline suggests that you don’t use it anymore because the headline and description are well written, and SEO is half of the time.

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Automatically brought into the company (brand)

After the website title is written, the program can automatically bring in the title. If you can automatically bring in the company or brand name, you can save time and avoid missing it. If you can’t bring it in automatically, you have to fill it in yourself. Remember to use “hyphen,” “colon,” and “vertical line” are three to connect the company name. It is recommended to tie it at the back and put the title in the front. Symbols other than these three are not recommended because they may cause misjudgment of keywords.

Why is the title of the search result different from the set title?

Usually, the search engine will display the search result’s title according to the title you set. Still, if there is no the same, the search engine thinks that the title you select has low relevance to the search results on this page, even if you set the marker. The number of words and format are correct, or it may be different. At this time, try to change the title of the webpage again. If you have not caught the right title, it must be that your title is too textually correct.

Precautions for writing website description

The title should match the content of the article.

The title of the article must match the article title. Do not place a tag not related to the theme for ranking. The search engine’s retrieval program will analyze the content of the article. If the title is different from the article, not only will it not be possible to get a good ranking, but also It will search confused for seventeen years. Even if you deceive the search engine’s retrieval system to get a good ranking, it will also bring traffic, but this is worthless and easy to jump out of the article. Remember one thing “The purpose of the website is to serve to browse. It’s not a search engine.”

Don’t over-fill keywords in the title.

The main keywords must be placed in the title, but it’s good to do it once as much as possible. Don’t put in duplicate keywords. This approach is not helpful for SEO, and it is not beneficial for viewers. For example, what is a repeated keyword: “It’s useless to fill up similar keywords in “Web Design- Web Design – Website Construction -Web Design Company.” If search engines judge it as spam content, it will drop rankings. Such titles will not attract users.

Write a unique page description.

The content of each webpage must be different. Of course, it is necessary to write a unique webpage description. Many websites have the same website description. This is not conducive to the setting of SEO. Do not do this. You can use various website scanning tools. Check whether the website has the correct description. If there is a missing description, you need to fill it up. If you find the same report, you need to correct it. Screaming frog is a valuable detection tool. It is free for 500 pages or less. If the website’s size is not, It can be used to see and test.

High-quality page description text

The description of an article is like the preface of a book. It is the critical text of this article. It is necessary to entirely write the article’s main points in a few sentences. Although there is no limit, it is recommended that 75 Chinese characters ( Including phonetic symbols), English is 150 letters because only 75 words will appear in the search results. The website description is the most important word in the search results except the title. Whether the web page can attract users to click on the website, this text is critical, just as important as the product sales copy. Friends who have operated ADS paid keyword advertising know that copywriting has a massive impact on CTR, so you must write it carefully. If you don’t write a description, search engines will also grab a website section as a web page description. Writing it yourself must be messier than a search engine indexing program. It’s better to catch a paragraph; I recommend writing it yourself.

What should I do if I can’t write descriptions on many web pages?

If the website is not large, it’s okay to write a website description one by one. What if the website is a large-scale data website? At this time, you can ask the website construction company to help design the automatic import function. A specific content text automatically brought into the web page is used to describe the web page. If it is a small website, it is recommended to write each article yourself. Write descriptions on essential web pages, such as homepage, product pages, service content, because the report does not appear on the website but is written in the HTML internal code of the webpage. So it is often ignored by website managers, causing SEO searches. The poor results of the result page (SERP) have a consequential impact on SEO effectiveness.

Add useful descriptive information.

In addition to the description text of the website, the data structure can also be used to describe and help the web page provide more helpful search results. For example, the products on the shopping website can add “evaluation,” “price,” “is it available?”. This type of information helps consumers know the approximate web page information before entering the website, making them more willing to enter the website to browse the website. Still, this description type requires a more professional website construction company or SEO company to build it. You can refer to for the way to write a structured structure. Different types of web content can be placed into suitable data structured data, which is very helpful for SEO, whether ranking or detecting website errors.

Don’t put too many repetitive keywords.

The description can include the main keywords 1~3 times, but do not put too many repetitive keywords, which will cause highly unnatural website descriptions. It is not helpful for SEO and may be classified as spam by search engines. It is also not attractive to users. Once again, it is reiterated that the website is a service for viewers, not a service search engine. Trying to tune the website without making valuable website content will only be counterproductive.


Website description and keyword writing are the most basic optimization of SEO and the pre-stage work of website SEO. Although they are basic, they are essential tasks. Whether you do it yourself or ask an SEO company to perform SEO, you should carefully proceed with the website. Title and description writing, as for the keyword meta attribute, you don’t need to fill in it because search engines have long declared this attribute invalid, but usually. We still recommend customers fill it out because we can record which SEO keywords the webpage is operating on. Finally, We need to remind everyone that the website serves users, not search engines. As long as you follow the correct SEO methods, you can get a good ranking and traffic conversion.