How to Get Free Royal Pass in Pubg Mobile in Pakistan

Do you want to play PUBG Mobile without any purchase? If yes then follow these steps. You know pubg mobile is the most popular game all over the world including Pakistan. Everyone wants to play pubg mobile but it’s hard for everyone to get a royal pass that costs 1000 coins which is approximately Rs 1000-1500. Some people don’t have that much money to spend on it and these people wanted an answer of this question. I am going to tell you how will you get a free pubg royale pass in pakistan without using cheat or hack because no one likes a person who uses hacks or cheats. So it’s your decision, if you want a real guide then keep reading go away from here and try this at your own risk.

Royal Pass in Pubg Mobile

If you are a pubg player then definitely you know that pubg royale pass is really important for the user to become top 1 in the overall ranking.  But most of the people can’t afford to buy it and also consider it as a big investment.  So if you think that you don’t have enough money to buy this pass or you want this for free then no need to worry about it.  Here we will discuss some tips and tricks by which anyone can get a free royal pass in Pubg mobile easily.

The Best Tips for Newbie Players in PUBG Mobile.

You just need to follow some simple steps,

In the first step what you need is your mobile device with internet connectivity [preferable 4G].

In the second step, you have to follow the official pubg mobile website.  Click on a link that will redirect you to a new page in which they will ask for your mobile number and email id.

After completing all these steps, you will get a royale pass in your account within 2-3 working days.

So if you are looking for any free way to get a Pubg royal pass then must check out the above-mentioned method by which you can get a Pubg royale pass free in Pakistan easily.

Disclaimer: The trick mentioned in this article is available only for our readers and will not be available to others, also we are not responsible if it doesn’t work for you.

Free Royal Pass and Uc

You can also get a Free Royal Pass and Uc counter app for your Android device. These apps are helpful to keep track of your progress in pub games. The main benefit of these apps is that they count the number of royal passes and uc that you have earned in your account.

How to Put Space in PUBG Name.

Note that they do not give real uc cash or free skins and they have no affiliation with any other application. If you are looking for a free royal pass and uc counter app for your Android device, please visit our website.

Pubg Free Royal Pass apps

There are two types of Pubg Free Royal Pass apps. The first one is available for free and the other is a paid version for a small fee. While the latter is not as popular as the former, it does have some benefits. You can participate in free tournaments, earn a lot of cash, and have unlimited access to tournaments. You can also download the paid version of the app to try your luck in the paid version.

How to get Elite Royal Pass for free in Pubg Mobile

The other one is a free royal pass counter app that lets you track how many times you’ve earned a royal pass. The free version allows you to request a royal pact with a friend or even a random player. It also allows you to view how much money you’ve earned in the game. You can use your UC Cash Counter app to keep track of your daily UC cash. It will not make you a rich person, but it will help you earn more UC in Pub.