Top 5 Tips & Tricks in PUBG Mobile that Everyone Should Know (From NOOB TO PRO)

in this article, I will show you top 5 amazing tips and tricks that you need to know as a pubg player and I hope it helps you to become a better player at this game. 

1St Tips""

Starting with the first one in school apartments, so this trick is to surprise attack your enemies
who are for example, you have your enemies holding on to this exact apartment building, while your on this one, as shown in the Post, 

This is one of the most common situations in school apartments, for example, you have your enemies holding on this exact apartment building, while your on this one, as shown in the picture, this is like one of the most common situation in school apartments. Most people usually attack them by going through the stairs. This is extremely dangerous because you have no idea, where the enemies are camping, that's why using this method will most likely help you to kill them easily. You have to do the following process in order to make that surprise attack. First, you need to jump on the roof top of your enemy's apartment in this way. 

And now go towards the corner of the rooftop as shown here, now you need to jump in order to climb up the small wall of the rooftop's edge example like this. and now look towards the window and then go forward or move your joystick towards the window example like this, there are few things you need to make sure before you do this, you need to stand on this
edge of the wall exactly as shown here, otherwise, you might fail to enter inside the window
and the next thing when you move towards the window, you will either slide into the room, or you will get stuck at outside of the window like this if you did then use the climb button to get inside. So I would recommend tapping the climb button when you're close to the window, so you'll automatically climb into the room. 

By the way, this trick works on other sides as well, and similarly you can also do the same thing in open rooftop apartments, while your enemies are rushing from stairs, you can easily surprise attack them and also if you know there is someone below you, you could throw grenades, it will work extremely good if you properly cook them until timer is at 2-3 seconds.

2ND Tip

The next tip, it's for TDM players, so you are most probably aware of this camping spot or at least got killed more than once from here, so I will show you a grenade lineup that will most likely kill the campers at this spot to throw the grenade you need to come right at this exact location, and from here, you need to aim for this exact spot with your crosshair, and now jump-throw-the-grenade,

If you do it perfectly it will land near the enemy and blows up few things you gotta make sure while throwing a grenade is to cook the grenade until the timer reaches 4 seconds, and then when your jump-throwing it. 
First, release your grenade, or release your finger from the fire button and then hit the jump button, your grenade will land perfectly near the enemy and you will get the kill if you jump-and-release the grenade at the same time, it may not work because you have to release the grenade first and then jump. 
By the way, there is a new arena map, and I have a grenade lineup on this map, usually
people camp in the spawn location in this map, so in order to throw the grenade over
there, you need to do as followed.
so you need to come near this container, and align yourself example like me make sure that your leaning towards right side and now aim with your crosshair at this spot, and most importantly cook the grenade until timer 3 seconds and then simply throw it.
The grenade will blow up exactly as it reaches the spawn location this grenade will most likely kill or damage anyone who are camping at the spawn location. 


Now to the next tip, this is kind-a opposite of 1st trick, so your in this school apartment
while your enemies are on this open rooftop apartment and if you try to throw grenade from here, its really hard because if you throw it will

Either fall off from the apartment or you will get yourself knock while throwing it, so let me show you a safe-and-best way to throw grenades in this situation. First thing, get on the highest floor, and then go into this specific room, and then climb up the window frame in this way, so from here your enemies can't see you and you can't see them. but how can we throw a grenade from here, that's why we rely on certain spots to aim, so you need to place your crosshair at this spot while throwing the grenade example like this and cook the grenade until timer reaches really close to 2 seconds mark, and then throw it,

It will blow up right on your enemy's rooftop cooking the grenade is really important, if you don't cook it properly. Then it will most probably go near the stairs area, if you cook it perfectly then it would blow upright in the air at this location anyway.

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