how to play pubg lite pc in india

Today I am going to show you how to play Pubg Lite pc In India. We all know Pubg in Ban in India. and all the servers of Pubg mobile are a ban in India. so, don't worry after watching this article. you are enabled to play Pubg lite on pc in INDIA. so, without wasting any time let's start.

1st- download any VPN that connects to Thailand

Step No 1. You need to download a VPN. you can use any free or paid VPN for your pc and after Download any Vpn, Now you need To Connect it with Thailand Server. After download and connect the VPN now you need to go for the second step. 

  • 2nd-create a garena account and select country to Thailand
  • 3rd- download garena launcher and install it
  • 4th- open your vpn and select vpn to Thailand
  • 5th- opp pen garena launcher and log into your account
  • 6th- there must be shown pubg lite download and play
  • I personally use soft client ether vpn


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