How To Install Already Downloaded Steam Games Without Downloading Them Again

In this Article, I will show you how to restore a steam game without downloading it again now this can be really helpful if you have reinstalled windows or reinstalled steam and you have all the games on your hard disk, but you don't want to but steam doesn't have an option to automatically detect those installed games.

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So using this method you don't have to download those games again if you already have the files downloaded this also works with ed or DVD games as well if you have if all you need is the game files and steam will detect those files and download the necessary fixes or the or download the necessary new files as necessary. Well that's a lot of necessaries in one sentence anyway.  

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Let's get started so for this tutorial try downloading Ori and the blind forest which I own on Steam and also I have the files as well from a previous installation but as you can see steam.
Haven't detected the files that I have in my computer so to do this first of all you need to start downloading the game itself using steam so let's go ahead and put this into my east team library and click Next and this will start create the downloaded download files on Steam library folder which, we will use then to replace with our original downloaded files so as you can
see down the download has started as you can see it downloading here what we're gonna do is we will pause the download and then we will exit steam ok so once you have post the download and exited steam you need to navigate to the download folder of that game so in my
case I downloaded it to II steam libraries so I'm gonna navigate to that folder right now it's on e steam library there go steam apps now the downloaded files should be in the folder
called downloading and this is the folder where orient Branford's will download so you can see here it's named twenty six one five seven zero that is the app ideal now this idea is quite important because we need to use this ID to restore our game so if you go back to steam apps main folder you will see some real files called app manifests now. These files contain the data of your Steam library so for example as you can see we have an app manifest for our Ori and the blind forest game ID which is 261014 with steam will know that you have this game installed but what we're gonna do right now is we're gonna copy this and paste it to desktop or any way you like.

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So I'm just gonna paste it to the main key folder and we're gonna go back to the Steam library and we will delete our downloading files for or Ori and the blind first there we go we did that and yeah we have the Ori folder in here as well so we're just gonna keep that now.
what we're gonna do is we will start steam again okay so once you are once you have restarted the steam you can go back to the Downloads folder and stop downloading Ori and the blind forest because we basically have all we need right now all right so we have uninstalled Orion blind first so we have completely stopped downloading the game through Steam now what we're going to do if you go ahead right now into the Steam library app you will see that the Orion the blind forest app manifest file is deleted and that's why we copied that file into e because we will restore that far back into Steam library.
Let's just ignore that so what we're going to do is copy this first exit steam and we will copy this back to e-library and paste it there now what, we're going to do is make sure steam is Mishra steam is completely closed and we will never get back to common folder in e steam library steam apps and you should have a folder called aura which is the oriental brain first default folder for steam installation.

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What we can do is now I'm gonna go back to my Ori and the blind forest game files as you can see here what we're going to do is we will copy all the files in the main folder and we will paste those into the Steam library common Ori and paste okay so as you can see I have finally copied all the files back into the Steam library folder so again it's in Steam library steam apps and common and we copied it to the Ori folder because we are downloading Ori and the blind first so now what we're going to do is we will start steam again and we will try downloading Ori and the blind forest again okay so I just started Steam and as you can see here Ori and the blind first has already started downloading because steam automatically detected.

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I already have the files installed and it's just trying to update the remaining files that are outdated so this this is what happened so if you if if the game files that you have are outdated or are missing some files steam will automatically update them or download those missing files so in some cases you will still have to download  a bit but it's still better than downloading a whole 10 gigabytes worth of files so there you go that's how it works.

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