How to Create Google Account | Google Playstore id kasiy bnaye

Hi Friends in this blog, I am explaining to you, How to create a play store id.OR How we create a google account. 

Follow These Steps To Create Your Account.

  • First of all, you open any internet browser on your mobile.
  • Then you open the website 
  • After this press this "Sign in" button. 
  • This is a text field if you already created your account. then enter your email address in this text field because we are creating a new account. 
  • So we click this button "Create account" 
  • Then we have 2 options "'myself" OR "business" We select the "myself" option. 
  • Then on this page google asking us our personal details.
  • Then we write our detail in this first text field we write "First Name" So we write the name "Your Name" Then write "last Name" as a "Last Name".
  • We should write username as a "unique name"
Because millions of usernames have already been created. We will write this of username which has never been created before, so I write Unique Name. This means I created a unique username which, I can easily remember and our account will also be created, and from numbers, I take my date of birth year "1996" then I write 1996. This makes our unique username is "aslamalikhan1996".

Step 1

Now below there is a password field, but I click here "show password" then I re-enter password easily password also contains numbers + characters that why firstly I take character "ABCD"
after this I take the number "1234" then I take 2 times "@@" Then in confirm password field, I re-enter the same password. I re-enter password "abcd1234@@"

Step 2

After this, I click the "Next" button. After this google verify your "phone number". Now you can write any mobile phone number which is active, google send a verification code on your mobile number. I am writing a mobile number which is present on this phone Mobile number verification is necessary because if anyone wants to hack your Google account OR anyone try to log in with your account, So google send a verification code to you on your mobile number Or in case you forget your password so using your phone number you will change your account password.

Step 3

Now after writing my mobile number I click the "Next" button. Now the verification code comes to your given number then you write code in this text field. I receive the code, code is "580195" now I am writing this code in this text field.

Step 4

After giving the code I click the "verify" button. Now my phone number has been verified. Now Google gives me another recovery option. That if you have another existing google account, so enter your other existing email address in this text field so it also helps you in your account recovery, but I create this google account the first time that's why I skip this text field.

Step 5

Now here I enter Date of Birth, firstly I choose 'Month' after a month I choose 'Day', Day means "Date" Then after this, I choose 'Year'After selecting Date of Birth I scroll down and there is option comes "Gender" Now I can select male or female, so I am selecting 'male' Now below google gives an option for saving your password.

Step 6

I don't want to save my password, so I select "Never" So whenever I log in to my google account I will write the password. Now I select the "Next" button. After this google tells us some security information. That for security reasons (password reset OR google settings) if google anytime text message or call on your provided phone number.

Step 7

It is confirming that your provided phone number is correct, I click the button "Yes I'm" Now our google account is almost created, google describing your Privacy and Terms. That which things we can use or which cannot youtube channel can also be created by using this Gmail address. 

Step 8

Further, there are lots of policies describes so now I click the button "I agree". Now after accepting Terms and policies our Google account has been created because till now I cannot upload the LOGO. There is an option to see which I am highlighting see there is the logo that I highlight so I click on it. Now after the creation of an account, Go to the option "Manage your Google Account". 

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