How To Create Blog With The Help Of Mobile

 You don't have a laptop, you don't even have a computer, so if you are wondering how to do mobile blogging , don't worry, I will tell you a 100% different way, I will give you a computer on your mobile, with the help of which you can do anything from mobile You can do blogging with effort.

If you think I'm going to tell people like you to download the Blogger app or download the WordPress app, you're wrong, I'm going to give you a complete computer, with the help of which you can create your blog. You can do full customization, like I do because I don't have a laptop or computer.

How To Create Blog With The Help Of Mobile

To create a blog on mobile, there are other platforms on which a blog can be created. But with the following mobile blogging platforms, you can create a blog in less time. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to browser and find Blogger

To do mobile blogging, first go to the browser and find Blogger in the search box.

Step 2: Click on the Blogger.Com link

This will open a new page. In this you have to click on the first link of Blogger.Com in front of you.

Step 3: Tap Create Blog / Sign In

Then click Create A Blog or sign in.

Step 4: Log in

You'll need to log in with your Gmail ID, and if you've already logged in, you'll be redirected to Blogger's homepage.

Step 5: Enter the email id

Enter your email. If you forget your email ID, you can click on Forget Email.

Step 6: Tap on the next option

After that click on Next option.

Step 7: enter your password

Enter your password and click on the Next option.

Step 8: Create a blog

Now you need to follow the steps below to start your blog.

  • Title - A new page will come in front of you, in which you have to select the title of the site, that is, you have to enter the name of your blog.
  • Address - Enter the address of your blog in this.
  • Template - You need to choose a good template for your blog.
  • Create Blog - After that click on Create Blog.

Your blog has been created. You can see it by clicking view blog and share it while writing your article there.

Bloging With The Help Of Mobile

You can also use the Chrome browser to post a blog from mobile. But if you post a blog through the app, it will be easier for you. Next, we will tell you the best mobile blogging app that you can blog from.

You can use the Bloggeroid app to compose the post in the correct format. Thanks to this, italics, bold and URL can be added to the text without modifying the HTML code.

To publish the message using this app, follow the steps below.

  • Download and Install the App - Download and install this app.
  • Open the app - Now open the app. As soon as you open it, you will not be able to connect to it.
  • Create a mobile blog - In this case, you need to write a direct message. The title, tags, and description of the post will appear on the homepage of the app itself.
  • Message title - Enter the message title and start composing the message.
  • Add Image - You can add an image to the post by going to the app menu.
  • Add link - Add link.
  • Write a post tag - Write the tag of your post and publish it.
  • Connect account - When you publish the post for the first time, then you must connect the account and authorize it. After which the message will be published.

So, with the help of this application, you will be able to publish your post. This app is absolutely free.

Blog With The Help Of Mobile for students

Then you received other mobile blogging apps, with the help of which you can publish your blog.

Blogger app

You can also publish articles through this app. It is also a good application for posting articles. So download and install the app. After that you post all types of posts using this app.

Create image for from mobile

We've learned a lot about mobile blogging se kaise kare, so you should also learn how to create a blog image from a mobile device. If you really want to make an image or know how to make an image, you can use the Canva app. But if you want to download the image from a royalty-free stock image site and edit it well to put it on the block, then you need to install the Pixellab app. First, download the image for the blog.

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