WiFi hotspot using PC’s internet connection- mHotspot Review

 People usually try to buy some data card with an inbuilt wifi hotspot, but that is really not necessary if you have a PC that is capable of using other wifi connections. The mHotspot is software that uses the wifi of your PC to convert it into a Wifi Hotspot (just like most smartphones do). There are also much other such software available online that do the same thing, but mHotspot is best among all those software. Read the Pros and Cons of using this software to know why we are claiming it to be the best. We are also giving you the step-by-step instructions by following which you will be able to remove all the errors that may come in your way of making a hotspot from your PC’s internet connection.

WiFi hotspot using PC’s internet connection-Pros

  • Works with any source of the internet that your computer is using.
  • Limit the number of maximum connections (clients) as per your need
  • Password Protect your Hotspot
  • Change the name of Hotspot
  • The range of Hotspot depends on PCs hardware
  • Option to start hotspot automatically with windows startup
  • Gives the number and IP addresses of all clients
  • speed of internet is not decreased over wifi

WiFi hotspot using PC’s internet connection-Cons

  • Many errors are possible in creating a hotspot
  • No satisfactory solutions are available for many errors online
  • Many times, the wifi connects but doesn’t have access to the internet (can be fixed)
  • The solution to the most of errors is a little complex process
  • You Cannot control the range of your hotspot

Instructions to Create WiFi Hotspot using mHotspot

  1. First of all, Click here to download mhotspot on your windows pc.
  2. Now run the downloaded file to install mHotspot.
  3. Uncheck all other recommended software (by mhotspot) while installing.
  4. Run the installed software after starting your internet connection.
  5. Then, enter the name, password, and source for your hotspot
  6. Click on Start Hotspot to start hotspot.
  7. Turn on the wifi of other devices and try to use the internet after connecting to your hotspot.
  8. If there is any other error, then enable and update drivers of your wifi network adapter by going to device manager. After this, follow step 8 again.

The Verdict

Although mHotspot is the best software available in this field, still there is scope for a lot of improvement in it. Also, it tricks its users by making them install various other software while installing it (can be taken care of). There are a lot of errors possible in this software, to which a common user can’t find the solution easily. But it is also efficient to convert any source of the Internet into a hotspot. I am using it with BSNL Evdo and it is working great. See our review on BSNL EVDO. Due to all the above-mentioned reasons, we can manage to give this software a 3.5 stars rating out of 5.

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