Undead Slayer Zombie Download Apk, Review


Undead Slayer Zombie Download Apk, Review 

Today we Android app review team will introduce another game in the RPG genre, which is a game in the camp of NHN Corp. in the same group as NAVER, the LINE app that we are using now. Below are the interesting details about this game. Undead Slayer PRESS RELEASE NHN Corporation will release the Thai version of the game Undead Slayer on March 28, 2013. Thai gamers who love the game. Action Get ready to meet Undead Slayer, the hit mobile action game. That will come for everyone to join in the fun in the Thai language sector that the company NHN Corp. produced to please the Thai game fans in particular!

After Undead Slayer, the English version was a great success in Southeast Asia and was able to reach No. 1 in Thailand's Apple App Store in the RPG category within the first day of its release. On this occasion to thank Thai gamers For the positive response to the game, NHN, the game provider, has produced the Thai version of Undead Slayer in order to provide players with the enjoyment of the game content and customer service in Thai language. which is a special service only in Thailand

Players using smartphones can download the Thai language game for free. From the 28th of March onwards Then players will experience the best from quality content. In which players will enjoy the story based on the famous opus, 3 kingdoms, exciting battle scenes. The action is so epic that you'll hardly believe it's the effects found in mobile games. In addition, controlling the characters is as simple as putting your fingertips on the screen of the device the player is using. It can control the movement of the character smoothly and naturally. Detailed content of the game Undead Slayer

It's an Action Hack & Slash game that tells the story through the warlord "Hae Hua Dun", a zombie hunter who takes on a mission to fight against the army and warlords that zombies want to take over the world. A warlord who comes with a cool attack move. A beautiful attack skill that will make you more satisfying when you use your skill to attack the enemy army until they fall apart while running repeatedly to attack. playing blood splashing all over the screen at once

 Undead Slayer is a game with a very simple control scheme. Just by tapping your finger on the screen of your smartphone or tablet, the character will run to where you tapped it. If to attack the target, just tap on the enemy, the character will run into the slash until the target is killed by 1 stage, the play style is divided into 3 types: 1. Fighting with limited HP 2. Fighting with limits. Time 3. Fight with a limited number of hits. Form 3 is quite difficult and challenging. Because you can only be hit by an enemy 3 times. Therefore, playing Undead Slayer requires a little technical play. You cannot always attack the target. must know how to stop and retreat at certain times If you encounter a large number of enemies, you should drag them into groups and use attack skills. Or may have to dash to the enemy in melee lifesteal to recharge the target. It is considered that the game puts details in terms of features in controlling the characters well. As a result, playing this game is diverse and not boring.

Special system in Undead Slayer

1.  Weapons and armor.

 There are 3 types of weapons in the game that you can choose from: spear, greatsword, and dualsword. Of course, all 3 weapons have different attack patterns. Attack techniques and tricks in using each weapon are different as well. The weapons are also hidden with various elements. This will cause the target to inflict various statuses as well, plus the weapons are large, cool, not joking, and the armor will have a variety of styles. but will focus on increasing defense only Weapons and armor can be purchased from the Item Mall and can be obtained by opening boxes after completing missions in the boss stage. Also, weapons and armor obtained from opening boxes are also randomly graded. The more stars, the more good qualities.

2.  Upgrade weapons and armor

 Increase the efficiency of your weapons and armor with enhancements. The more positive, the higher the defense and attack power. It will definitely give you more fun attacking your enemies with powerful weapons.

3.  Increase the character's abilities with

  skills. There are 2 types of skills: passive skills and active skills. Passive skills will increase various aspects of efficiency. of the character, such as increasing the chance to dodge Chance to critical strike, increase HP SP, etc. As for the active skill, it will be a different attack skill. Attack skills will make you enjoy the game more. It's definitely not just the front teeth.

4.  Companions and Pets

 The game has a buddy system where you can summon a partner and alternate with the main character to use them interchangeably during battles. High-ranking partners will also have special skills with them. You can also upgrade your partner to a higher level. Of course, the ability will increase as well. There are two types of pets: horses and eagles. When summoned, it allows the player to attack the target. It is considered another feature that makes the game more diverse in playing styles.

 In addition, the game has many other systems, whether it is an achievement system, a collection system, where you have to fulfill certain conditions or collect items. to be exchanged for various rewards In addition, the game also has a special field of play. So you can collect points to compete with other players as well.

With touch-screen character control, Undead Slayer is a game with a different gameplay and character control than other mobile RPGs on the market. NHN Undead Slayer game provider is Leading content service company from South Korea It is the service provider of Naver and Hangame, which is the largest search engine and game portal in South Korea. This Undead Slayer game was created by only one creator, Mr. Kim Dong Gyu of Hidea Company. By Mr. . Kim is responsible for the game design, graphics, sound system and all programming of this game. And now the game is ready for both Android and iOS versions for Thai players to download and play for free. 

Players will take on the role of "Hae Hua Thun", a warlord who has only one eye. To have an adventure to fight against a horde of zombies, Mr. Eric Lee, Managing Director of NHN Singapore branch has said about this game. “The team is delighted that the English version of Undead Slayer is such a great success in Thailand. For this reason, the company has made this game in Thai language. As a thank you for Thai gamers And the company hopes that gamers in Thailand to enjoy the game in Thailand and make this game a success again, as it once did, then " game Undead Slayer This will create a story through the characters. Warlord "Hae Hua Dun", a zombie hunter, comes with more than 20 special combat skills to take on the mission of fighting against the army and warlords that zombies want to take over the world.  

A warrior warlord who comes with a variety of fighting skills that must break through 90 different levels in order to be called the ultimate warrior, is a game that should not be missed by all means. Players will experience the thrill of 90 exciting and challenging battlegrounds within the game, which we are sure that players will enjoy and enjoy the game until they will not want to put down your mobile phone. ever Mr. Eric Lee, also added that The company sees Thailand as a very important market in this Southeast Asia region. The team also studies the needs of Thai customers and aims to offer good mobile games and services. That will make Thai gamers more impressed with our products.

If anyone is looking for a game on a smartphone that is fun, fun, satisfying, easy to control. An easy-to-understand game style, Undead Slayer is a game that answers both fun and well-crafted game systems that you shouldn't overlook. Players can download the game from the following link.

Download here

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