Helper Review : Easiest Way to Download YouTube Videos & Playlists

 If you watch your favorite videos on youtube, then you must have wished to download those videos so that you can watch them offline later. Earlier a Software was available named Internet Download Manager (IDM). that was enough to meet all your Downloading needs. But now IDM doesn’t work well on youtube,it only downloads the 360p videos at most, and that too in a format that is unplayable in most of the Popular Video Players. That’s why we tried other ways to download videos from youtube and after using all the possible ways, we come to the conclusion that helper is the most convenient way to download videos from YouTube. The interesting part is that it works even better when we use it along with the IDM. Below are the Advantages and Disadvantages of using this Software.

A download button appears below every youtube video Helper Review: Advantages

  • Supports all Windows versions after XP (including XP)
  • Downloads Videos on a Single Click
  • Supports Multiple Formats (mp4, Flv, 3GP, etc.)
  • Can download videos in various resolutions (144p, 240p, 360p, 720p)
  • Option to Download Audio from any video file
  • Also supports websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc.
  • Supports nearly all popular Browsers
  • Can be used along with Download Managers. Helper Review: Disadvantages

  • Not Supported by All Browsers
  • Not available on Android and other mobile platforms. But if you still want to download youtube videos on your Android then see our Review on Best YouTube downloader for Android.
  • Audio can be downloaded only in aac extension.*
  • Downloads some formats without audio.*

    The last four video formats will be downloaded without audio

Note – Starred (*) Disadvantages can be removed using Ummy Video Downloader.

Final Words

After taking look at all the advantages and disadvantages, we can come to a conclusion that there is no other Youtube downloader available out there that provides better convenience than So, it is the most convenient Youtube Downloader but it’s still not the best as the Disadvantages are some serious ones. That’s why we are able to give this Software only a 4-star rating because of its ease of use.

Download Links

To download helper Click Here.

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