How to Add Text in Wondershare Filmora 2021

 Filmora is a Wondershare production and is one of the Top 5 Video Editing Programs of 2021. Wandershare themselves are targeting Filmora in the target level video editor market. Making this software suitable for people who are just starting to learn how to edit videos. This tool simplifies video editing techniques, anyone can easily become a video editor with the help of a few buttons and FIlmora. Within this software there are many presets and templates that are easy to use, for example, if you want to add text to Filmora it has many animations presets and templates!

In this article, I'll talk about different types of animation themes, how to use them, and most importantly, how to change them to suit your needs!

Filmora Themes

Opening titles at Filmora

Inside Filmora there is a complete section dedicated to themes, with different types and styles of text animations so that you can quickly and easily find what you need.

You can find presets for Startups, Titles, Lower 3, Subtitles, Ending Credits, Plain Text, Call animations, and more! You have to use your imagination and creativity, Filmora will not be disappointed!

Well, we saw that there are a lot of fun things here, but how do you use them? It's so simple, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Decide on the style of your text

Your first step is to decide what type of text you want to insert, be it a subtitle or an opening title.

Step 2: add the text layer in chronological order

Once you've decided on the type of text, select one from the Filmora library and drag it onto your timeline. By doing this, you will create a layer within your timeline with that type of title.

Add text to Filmora

Step 3: customize your themes

Double-clicking on the newly created layer will change the window in the upper left corner. Here you can change the text, font or font size, text alignment, you can rotate, scale or swap your text.

Filmora offers you some letter presets so you can customize the look of your titles. You can access these presets on the left side of the screen and double-clicking on any of them will automatically update your video.

You can find some nice animation presets here too, click on the animation tab and browse for them. As with the presets, you can access the animations by double-clicking them, which will be applied automatically.

Animation presets in Fillmore

Great, now you know how to add text to your video in Filmora! Use this information to create amazing videos with the help of Wondershare Filmora! Sure, this is a basic tutorial on how to add text to your video, but you can watch more tutorials on Filmora and learn everything you need to know about it!

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