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 Maximize your press releases by integrating them in your off-page search engine optimization tactics. Here are 7 excellent tips:

1. Use keywords. Press release centers are going to distribute your copies to several networks, which can have thousands of readers. Yet they still pale in comparison to the millions of people who visit search engines every day. Thus, always include keywords when you write your press releases. As much as possible, add them in the title, as well as the beginning of the paragraph. Then pepper them and their related keywords all over the article. Just see to it you are not stuffing keywords or they do not look unnatural.

2. Think of timeliness. One of the most essential elements and the reasons why press releases are so different from the other articles is timeliness. This means that the copies should provide news or feature that is very recent. In fact, you can use PR to promote something that is bound to happen in the future. Perhaps you’re launching a new product, innovating processes, or sponsoring a fund-raising event.

post-event press release sample

3. Find interesting subjects. There are so many things that you can talk about in a press release, but it’s highly recommended you pick those that you think are going to be very interesting to your readers. That’s why you also need to have a very good idea about who your readers are, what they like, and how to keep them focused on your press release once they get their hands on it.

event press release 2020

4. Back it up with facts. One of the typical misconceptions about press releases is that they are the best venues to brag. Yes, you can be proud about something, but you cannot be arrogant. You’re also not allowed to inject your own opinion in any part of the copy. Consider it as news written in feature style.

sample press release template

As news, you have to corroborate all your details with additional facts and figures. Straight quotes with proper references are more ideal than indirect quotes.

pre event press release sample

5. Don’t forget to add the website. When you have the chance to promote your website link, then do so. Otherwise, you can wait for the About section, where you can be more specific about who you are, what your business is, and your contact details, including your website URL.

press release example

6. Follow the PR guidelines. Even if you’ve written an excellent article, it’s still has a chance of getting rejected simply because you’re not following the rules. Ensure you’ve read every one of them before you write then review what you’ve created and match it to the guidelines. Have you followed the instructions correctly?

event press release sample pdf

7. Think of value. When you’re doing SEO on the side, you can’t help but get too technical with your PR: keyword density, prominence, length, etc. But in the end, your main concern is your reader. Does he get something valuable out of it? If he doesn’t, you can’t expect him to do anything, and you lose your chance of having more traffic.

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