Top Important SEO Techniques of 2021

 Even though this whole blog aims to give you SEO tips, I have taken my selected favorites and am going to write about them in this post. These are the strategies that are easiest to implement and will give you the best results (from my experience in SEO).



This is the best thing you can do for SEO in my opinion. How have you got any chance of succeeding in SEO if the search engine crawlers can’t read your code or your page takes forever to load due to unnecessary HTML? You should remove all javascript and CSS to external files and give your HTML elements classes and id’s to style them. This will reduce the file size of your page and clean up your code. Make sure your code is valid also using the HTML validator and the CSS validator. Google likes neat HTML that is easy to read. It will also give you better content to code ratio.

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You should have a breadcrumb at the bottom of every page on your website, to make it easy for your visitors to navigate back to the home page. It will also give your home page more weight because it will be heavily linked to. This will increase it’s importance and rank in the search engines.


This actually doesn’t make a difference to your actual results. All it does is give yourself a chance to advertise your site before people actually click on it. If your meta description is poor then people may not click on to your site as a direct result of that. It is also necessary to have a description of some sort as it will show up as an error in webmaster tools and i’m assuming Google will punish your rankings because of this.

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Having good content on your site is the best advice I can give you. It will gain links organically and you are actually trying to promote something useful.  People will not link to bad content and if they have a bad experience on your site, you may find that they may not click through to your site again. I know that sounds like 1 visitor, but maybe all of them could think like that. That would cost you a lot of visitors. So don’t write content if it is not useful. Good content will show up on top of the results, you never see anything useless at the top of Google.

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