Top 10 Types of Neighbours We All Have || Types of Neighbours

Well well well. How do we define a neighbor? According to my, a neighbor is one who is more updated about us more than us. “Padosi sabse badi pareshani”. They are like CID keeps peeping secretly every time. So here are some types of neighbors we all have:

10. The Spy Ones

The Spy Ones

When the whole world is busy doing their stuff these neighbors are busy keeping a watch on us. They basically have no work and are dedicated to collecting the “Chatpati Khabre” so that they can easily disclose that to everyone. “Khuss puss karna to har padosi ki aadat hoti hai”.
The Spy Ones

9. The All-Time Gossip Ones

The All-Time Gossip Ones

Just because it feels good to gossip about something, sometimes these neighbors make gossiping things their hobby. They can gossip about anyone anytime to anybody no matter the gossip is real or fake. “Khuss puss karne se hi rehte hai ye khush”
The All-Time Gossip Ones

8. The Borrowers

“Udhaar se hi chalta hai unka sansar”. Yes, these are the kind of neighbors who are always ready to come to our door every moment and borrow every possible thing they can. “Cheeni se leke sabun tak sab chayiye inhe”. They are never bored of borrowing because it’s like their pet job.
The Borrowers

7. The Noisy Ones

Yes, these are the people who are the literal reason for noise pollution. It seems like they are always banging their utensils to irritate us. “Puri duniya jahan ki awaze in padosiyo ke ghar se hi aati hai”. The most irritating thing is their kids watching television on a very high volume or like making weird noises just to irritate us.
The Noisy Ones

6. The Helping Ones

Oh yes, they are the real saviors. These are the ones who are genuinely there for us when we need them, unlike the other ones. They support us to encourage us, they are like a family to us, and these are the kind of neighbors we dream of because finding these types of neighbors is the toughest job.

5. The Strange Ones

Understanding these neighbors is next to impossible. They hardly try to have a conversation with us and are lost in their own world. We have no idea what is really going on with these neighbors, they never try to gel up or mix up with us. They literally don’t give us a neighborly feeling.
The Strange Ones

4. The Party Lovers

They are always ready to party, they don’t need any specific occasion. Most of them are young ones living beside us partying all the time and making us dance on their DJ beats! The moment music plays we have an idea that these neighbors are around us and gonna have a noisy party and will irritate us too with the loud music.
The Party Lovers

3. The Judgmental Ones

What we do is right or wrong these neighbors are always there to judge it. They always have an opinion on many things and an interfering nature. “Agar Sharma ji ke beti ghar late aayi hai to sabse pehle inke pet mai dard hoga” because they just cannot act like a normal neighbor. They like poking their nose in other’s matter.
The Judgmental Ones

2. The Irritating Ones

We can handle anything in this world but irritating neighbors are a big headache. They always do useless talks and ask useless things just to have fun and irritates us every time. They have detailed information about every person in society and it seems like they have written a proper script to ruin our day!
The Irritating Ones

1. The Real Neighbours

Well, these neighbors are different from all of the above neighbors. They are normal people who are like us. They share, they care and these neighbors are just like family.” Kyunki akhir padosi hi padosi ke kaam aata hai”.
The Real Neighbours
So these were some kind of neighbors we all have. Sometimes salty sometimes crispy the relation of Padosi and Padosi is just amazing. Hope you can relate to these people and must have got these kinds of neighbors once in your life.

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