Top 10 Surprising Facts About Amitabh Bachchan’s Life

 Many a times called the Actor of the Millennium and Mahanayak, Amitabh Bachchan is a power to reckon with. Indian cinema has never seen an actor as immense as him. He is a powerhouse performer and has ruled Bollywood for more than four decades now. Francois Truffaut, the legendary French film director once called him a ‘one-man industry’. With millions of fans worldwide, is there a chance that there is something still not known to many? Let’s see.

10. Setting New Records

Throughout a career spanning more than four decades, Big B has won several domestic and international awards. But did you know that he has a record of winning not one but three national awards? He shares this record with Kamal Hassan and Mammootty. Even at Filmfare, he holds the record of being nominated the most number of times in any major film category. His total Filmfare nominations to date stand at an impressive number of 39.

9. Once Friends, Now Enemies

Amar Singh said in a recent interview, “When I was jailed, he did not even bother calling me up. My bail was set at Rs 2.5 Crore and he could have helped. But he did not speak to me even once.” We wish that this animosity ends soon and they go back to being best friends as they once were.

8. The Singing Man

Amitabh Bachchan has repeatedly sung in films. He sings for his movies sometimes and definitely has a distinct depth to his voice. The first time he ever sang was for the film Natwarlal (1979). He starred alongside Rekha in this film about revenge. But did you know that in the very first attempt at singing in this film, he was nominated for the Filmfare Best Male Playback Award?

7. An Affair to Remember

His supposed affair with Rekha is famous. But you might not have had read this rare excerpt from Rekha’s interview for a magazine back then in which she responds to AB’s denial of their affair. Why should he have not done it? He did it to protect his image, his family, his children. I think it is beautiful. I don’t care what the public thinks of it. Why should the public know of my love for him or his love for me?” Their relationship was so well guarded that till today, people can only speculate but no one can say anything with absolute certainty.

6. The Press Ban

Now this will come as a shocker. Around 1975, Amitabh Bachchan was miffed with Stardust for having carried out some inappropriate pieces about him. It is widely believed that he used his friendship with the then PM Indira Gandhi and tried to ban the magazine. Censor bodies started coming down heavily on the magazine. The magazine suffered heavily during this time and then formed an association with other magazines deciding not to publish any kind of news about Bachchan, ever. In retaliation, it is said that Bachchan banned all the press from his film sets and this continued till 1989.

5. Bachchan- Ek Villain

Here is a spicy bit of information. How many of you know the first time Bachchan Sr. played a negative role? Names like Aankhen (2002) and Mohabattein (2001) come to mind. But no, it was Parwaana (1971), in which he played a negative character for the first time. One more interesting bit: AB’s character uses various modes of transportation to flee the city after committing a murder. Neil Nitin Mukesh’s character in Johnny Gaddaar (2007) is shown watching this very sequence to plan his crime.

4. Coolie: After Accident

After Amitabh met with the infamous accident on the sets of this movie, he battled for his life for several months in the hospital. Apparently, when he resumed the shoot afterward, director Manmohan Desai changed the ending of the script. According to sources, the character of Big B was to die in the end. But after his recovery from the fatal accident, the director didn’t feel it to be appropriate to kill the actor on screen since he had just battled and defeated death in real life. The accident and the following fan fervor gave so much publicity to the film that when it was released, it became that year’s top grosser.

3. Guess His First Film

Many fans claim to know Big B’s first film. You might be thinking about Saat Hindustani. But there is another movie of which Amitabh was a part before Saat Hindustani. Well, he definitely made his acting debut with Saat Hindustani but the very first movie on which he worked as Mrinal Sen’s Bhuvan Shome (1969). He used his baritone voice to narrate the movie, which was a National Award-winning film. So technically, his first movie was Bhuvan Shome.

2. His First Job

People think that his audition for a job at Akashvani was his first attempt at earning. Not even acting was his first-ever job. After graduation, he headed to Kolkata in search of bread and butter. He first worked with Shaw Wallace and later took up a job with a shipping company, Bird and Co as a freight attendant. In a few years, he was fed up with the soulless work and then decided to come to Mumbai. His salary from his acting debut Saat Hindustani was Rs. 1000/- only. At # 2 on our list, his humble beginnings.

1. The Real Name

This one, we bet, you didn’t know. Did you? When he was born, his father Harivansh Rai Bachchan named him Inquilab, a word from the famous independence phrase ‘Inquilab Zindabad’. The name means “Long Live Revolution”. But when Harivansh’s poet friend Sumitranandan Pant suggested the name ‘Amitabh’ meaning ‘the never-dying light’. He liked it and changed his son’s name. Even the surname ‘Bachchan’ is not the family’s real name. ‘Bachchan’ was the pen name under which Harivansh Rai authored his poems. Their real surname was ‘Shrivastava’ but later they changed it. This might be the rarest of facts and thus takes the # 1 spot on our list.

The Real Name


71 years old and he still shows no signs of slowing down. With his TV show Yudh to start airing in July on Sony Television Network, his fans are eagerly waiting for what’s in store for them. We wish Big B all the best and hope this show is as successful as his TV debut Kaun Banega Crorepati. Connect to Amitabh

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