Top 10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Rajnikanth

 He is one of the biggest films stars India has ever had although most of his films are not even watched by people across the country since he primarily acts in Tamil movies, however, his larger than life persona as a film star is not lost on anyone and the thousands of fan clubs across the country is a testimony to that fact. The cities across South India come to a standstill when one of his movies is released and most people do not go to work. There is a lot of interest in the life and times of Rajnikanth which is why this article presents to you 10 interesting facts about his life that you might not have come across before.

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10. He is actually a Marathi

Although Rajnikanth is regarded as a giant of Tamil commercial cinema and is a legend across the world as a Tamil hero, he is not actually Tamil by birth. He was born in Bangalore in a family that spoke Marathi and his real name Shivaji Rao Gaekwad is as traditional a Marathi name that you can ever come across. There must be hundreds of people with the same name in Maharashtra but Rajnikanth is now a reason for Tamil pride across the world.

9. There were rumors that he had an affair with Silk Smitha

Rajnikanth has been in the film industry for close to 40 years now and enjoys the sort of popularity that many other actors can only dream of, as a result of which it is perfectly possible for him to have an affair. However, something about which many do not know is the fact that he was rumored to have had an affair with South India’s version of the ‘item girl Silk Smitha who has now been immortalized by Vidya Balan in the movie The Dirty Picture.

8. The Song Lungi Dance is SRK’s tribute to Rajnikanth

You cannot make a movie titled Chennai Express and not have something that is intimately linked to the greatest film star that the city has ever had, which is why Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan deliberately added the song Lungi Dance to the movie as a tribute to Rajni. The song became an instant hit all over India and could be heard in most nightclubs across the country; however, the movie became a huge hit in South India as well. Perhaps the reason for the performance in South India was the presence of that song.

7. His fans have made a temple in his name

It is not a new trend in India for the fans to do outrageous things in honor of their idols but Rajnikath’s fans in Karnataka have taken it to a new level by establishing a temple in his name. It was reported in several South Indian publications that his followers in the Kolar district had erected a lingam in his name at a Shiva temple and the fans regularly worship that lingam as a sign of respect for Rajni. However, according to well-placed sources, Rajnikanth is an extremely religious man and does not like himself to be depicted in such ways.

6. He has a huge fan following in Japan

Rajnikanth’s larger-than-life movies have been a big hit in Japan for close to two decades now and it all started from the time his 1996 film Muthu was released in Japanese theatres. The simple storyline of the movie and superb techniques coupled with Rajni’s signature moves charmed the Japanese audiences no end and over the years he has managed to build up a huge fan base in the land of the rising sun. According to a leading US magazine, Rajnikanth’s popularity in Japan supersedes that of such established names like Leonardo di Caprio.

5. He considers Kamal Haasan to be the greatest actor

You would hardly find an actor in India ever acknowledging the fact that a contemporary might be in fact a better actor than him and it is even rarer if the two actors are competitors for the crown of the best actor in an industry, however, Rajnikanth is made of different stuff. As an actor, he considers legendary Tamil actor Kamal  Haasan as the greatest actor in the industry and he even considers it a privilege that he has had the opportunity of appearing with him in a few films.

4. He hardly ever lives in his magnificent house in Chennai

Chennai has been Rajni’s home right from the time he set foot in that city as an aspiring actor and he has built a magnificent bungalow for himself at the post location of Boyes Garden in the city, which must be worth millions at this stage. However, he does not stay at that house as much as one would like and rather spends more time at the farmhouses that he has bought in the outskirts of the city over a period of time. It is believed that the calm and quiet of a farmhouse is what makes him stay there.

3. He has acted in films in 6 different languages

You might have heard of the plethora of Rajnikanth jokes all across the internet that depict him as a superhuman being but even in real life he has pulled off such efforts with élan and one of those is his remarkable achievement of having acted in films in 6 different languages. Other than Tamil, he has acted in films in Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Telegu, and the language of the state in which he was born- Kannada. However, oddly enough he has never been offered a role in Marathi, a language that is he is mother tongue. Let’s hope he would get the opportunity soon.

2. His car collection is surprisingly modest

You would usually expect such a handsomely paid actor to spend lavishly on his collection of cars as well but Rajnikanth is not someone who prefers to flaunt his wealth and prefers to spend it wisely, which is why he has a surprisingly modest collection of cars at his disposal. It would surprise you to know that even though Rajnikanth can afford any car in the world he prefers a Honda Civic, an Ambassador, and even an old Fiat. However, this is something that goes to show that Rajnikanth is someone who does not need to make a statement by the car that he drives.

1. He was the highest-paid actor in Asia at one time

At number 1 is the fact that does not often get enough attention among the great many Rajni fans but it is something that they should take note of. 7 years ago, Rajnikanth became the highest-paid actor in the big vast continent of Asia with a pay package of an astonishing Rs. 26 crores for the film Shivaji and that was a package that was more than the remuneration of the highest-earning Asian actor at the time, Jackie Chan. It is a fact that clearly shows the sort of popularity and star value Rajnikanth brings to the table when he signs up for a movie.

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