The Best Waterfalls in India || Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in India || Highest Waterfalls in India


top ten waterfalls in india
top ten waterfalls in india

Man-made structures can never surpass the beauty of natural wonders!  If you are a nature lover and are keen to capture the beauty of the waterfalls, then Monsoons are the best time, as all the waterfalls are in full spate at this time.  Nature in all its glory, with roaring waterfalls, lush green foliage, and refreshing air welcomes you everywhere…Here’s a list of the top 10 waterfalls in India…

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10. Thoseghar Waterfall

Located in the Konkan region, close to the Satara City of Maharashtra, the Thoseghar Waterfalls attract many visitors from in and around the State. To catch the Waterfalls in all their glory, make sure to visit them during the monsoon season, ideally between July and November. The rains transform this serene and quiet woody area into a scenic landscape dotted with many waterfalls. The waters cascading down 1150 feet in the beautiful Kas Valley region with all the flora and fauna will keep pulling you back again and again!

highest waterfalls in India

Thoseghar Waterfall

highest waterfalls in india
highest waterfalls in India

9. Athirappilly Waterfalls

If you thought Kerala was famous for only languorous backwaters, then you are mistaken! The Athirappilly Waterfalls is only one among the many waterfalls that Kerala boasts of. The Chalakudy River forms this waterfall in the Vazhachal forest area. The 80 feet waterfall is beautiful in the Kerala monsoon, which transforms the surrounding forest area into a treat for the eyes. The variety of flora and fauna found in this beautiful region is quite mind-blowing and you wouldn’t want to miss it for anything this monsoon! It is easily accessible from Cochin International Airport as well as Thrissur city, famous for its garments industry.

Athirappilly Waterfalls

best waterfalls in india
best waterfalls in India

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8. Hogenakkal Falls

Located in the Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu on River Kaveri, Hogenakkal falls are generally referred to as the Niagara of India. By that comparison itself, you can imagine the beauty of the Falls! The best time to see these falls is the monsoons.  However, during other seasons you can take a boat ride on Hogenakkal, another great way to enjoy them! The Carbonatite rocks found on this site are believed to be the oldest in South Asia and even the world.  In fact, the waters here reportedly have great medicinal value, so it’s all the more worth it!

Hogenakkal Falls

list of waterfalls in india
list of waterfalls in India

7. Nohkalikai Falls

Located near Cherrapunji, one of the wettest regions of the world, in Meghalaya, Nohkalikai waterfalls are the tallest plunge waterfalls in India. This distinction and the unparalleled beauty of the region, obviously earn it its place in the top 10 waterfalls in India. The rainwater plunges a cool 335 meters to the ground where it forms a pond with unusually green water. The locals will tell you a beautiful legendary story about why the color of the water is green! The best part about these waterfalls is that you don’t have to wait till the monsoons, as the area is blessed with rains all through the year!

Nohkalikai Falls


6. Nohsngithiang Waterfall 

Yeah, the name is a tongue-twister, but you may also have heard it by its other names, the Seven Sisters Waterfall or the Mawsmai Falls. Well, as the saying goes “A Rose by any name, smells just as sweet”….so to these waterfalls offer a breathtaking experience, whatever you may choose to call them.  The fourth highest waterfall in India, it is located in the eastern state of Meghalaya. With plenty of rains all year through, you don’t have to restrict your visit here during the monsoons. You can enjoy the spectacular views of the waterfall, all year through, which makes it all the more alluring and appealing to the visitors, which is why it is rated among the best in the country.

Nohsngithiang Waterfall


5. Jog Falls 

Another equally popular waterfall in India is the Jog Falls, located in the state of Karnataka. It is the second-highest plunge-waterfall in India, with the Sharavathi River dropping a whopping 253 meters!  It is an experience you will cherish forever when you see the spectacular waterfall and hear the roaring noise of the river as it plummets down!  Obviously, if you want to enjoy the full impact of this waterfall then monsoons are the best time to plan your visit there.  Easily accessible from Bangalore (340 Kms.) and Mangalore (200 Kms.) it is a Nature lover’s delight.  Another reason you can’t miss it is that it has been declared as a UNESCO ecological hotspot!

Jog Falls

largest waterfalls in india

4. Dudhsagar Water Falls 

One of the most spectacular waterfalls of India, it is in the Western Ghats region of Goa.  Just 60 Kms. from Panaji on the Goa-Karnataka border, it is easily accessible from both States.  The Waterfalls are absolutely breathtaking in the monsoons and not for nothing are they referred to as Dudhsagar, which translates to mean Sea of Milk.  The white waters of the Mandovi River cascading down a height of 310 meters make it the fifth tallest waterfall in India.  For the breathtaking view of the waterfall with the spectacular background of the rich green forests of the Western Ghats, Dudhsagar Water Falls are undisputedly the best in the country.

Dudhsagar Water Falls

famous waterfalls in india

3. Khandadhar Falls

Ranked the 12th highest waterfalls in India, Khandadhar Falls is the highest waterfalls in Orissa. Located in the picturesque Nandapani forest of Sundergarh district, Khandadhar Falls are about 100 Kms. away from the steel city of Rourkela. The water in the Falls tapers down like a horse’s tail as it flows down 801 feet. You can enjoy the picturesque surroundings and the natural beauty of these falls all year through.  But the beauty of these shimmering falls is best enjoyed in the monsoons. If you enjoy trekking too, then these Falls should be your first choice!

Khandadhar Falls


2. Talakona Waterfalls

The highest waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh with an 82-meter fall, Talakona Waterfalls are in the Chittoor District of the state. Talakona literally translates to mean the “Head hill”. It is considered to be the starting point of the Tirumala Hills, the abode of the world’s single richest God.  The many plants and herbs in and around the waterfalls are said to lend some healing properties to the water. In fact, the variety of flora and fauna found is so unique that it had been declared a biosphere reserve. You can have a heady mix of a spiritual, medicinal, and adventurous rush if you combine your visit here with other very popular nearby places as well.

Talakona Waterfalls

top ten waterfalls in india
top ten waterfalls in india

1. Dhuandhar Falls

top ten waterfalls in india
most beautiful waterfalls in India

Believed to be the most powerful waterfall in the country, the Dhuandhar Waterfalls is in the Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh. The waters of River Narmada gush down the 10 meters of the world-famous Marble Rocks with such force that a curtain of mist appears!  You can hear the roar of the water from quite far and the sight of the waterfalls itself can be quite thrilling! The famous Kanha National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park are in the vicinity, so you can combine your visit there. The best time to go to the Falls is just after Monsoons when River Narmada continues to be in spate.  Monsoons per se are not a good time, as the Bhedaghat area where the Falls are located are closed to the public.

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India is blessed with an abundance of Natural beauty…The varied landscape of the country offers you a unique experience everywhere you go.  Each of the above-mentioned waterfalls will easily give you that unique and unforgettable experience!

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