how to add multiple photos to one instagram story android without layout || Instagram Story ma Aik se ziada Pictures kaisy ad kry ||

There is no better way to share more photos on your Instagram account. You can simply draw all the images as a piece on your subject or you can create a collage, if it suits your style, although you can do more.

how to add multiple photos to one instagram story

Instagram has a feature called “Photo Sticker” on Instagram StoriesYou can use this feature to add multiple photos in one Story.

Any way you want to make your notes, we got you covered. Here are two ways to share multiple photos on your Instagram page, starting with making a collage.

  1. Step 1. Open your post.
  2. Scroll to the right and select "Design" mode from the camera.
  3. Allow your Instagram posts to scroll right and select the camera mode
  4. Step 2. Add an image
  5. Click on the large image with the "+" sign in the lower-left to add a photo.
  6. Press snapshot and merge to add pieces to your story
  7. Step 3. Submit!
  8. When you have filled in all the photos, find “Your Story” to post.
  9. Once you have added your photo, click your post to post!

iOS users can add more than one photo to the Instagram story easily by using their own iOS keyboard, but for android, adding multiple photos to #Instagram story is very easy by using an app called gbox

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#GBox is an ultimate toolkit for android with lots of functionalities and features. We can add many photos to one Instagram story and upload a collage to the Instagram story in android by using this app.

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