Fix Google AdSense Valuable Inventory No Content || Policy Violation AdSense Approval

Today I am going to show you how to Fix Google AdSense Valuable Inventory No Content || Policy Violation AdSense Approval. I hope you will like this article. in this article, I teach every single solution to fix it. I hope this can help you in your blogging journey. after doing these simple steps you will able to do anything with your Google Adsense.
Fix Google AdSense Valuable Inventory No Content || Policy Violation AdSense Approval

How To Get Google Adsense Approval

Do you want to monetize your blog with Google Adsense? Has your blog been repeatedly rejected by Google AdSense? Do not worry, you are in the right place. We'll tell you why your blog was rejected and how to get Adsense approval.

Adsense is Google's most popular advertising program. Once Google AdSense has approved your blog for monetization, you can display Google Ads on your blog and earn money.
Many bloggers and web publishers applied for Google Adsense immediately after creating a blog without reading the Google Terms and Publisher Policies, so most applications were repeatedly rejected for saying "Valuable list: no content".
So let's see how to get rid of this error, what is the main reason for " Valuable Inventory No Content" and how to get Adsense verification.

Fix Valuable Inventory: No Content Error

in Simply words, this "Valuable item: no content" error tells you that your site does not have enough content or that your site content is irrelevant, meaning that it is not suitable for displaying Google ads. Using this error, Google AdSense also lists suggestions on how to create content that complies with Google's publisher policies.
Many bloggers and web publishers are always in a hurry to apply for AdSense and can hardly read the full Google Webmaster Guidelines and AdSense policies.

"Valuable inventory: no content

As stated in our in-app policy, we may not display Google ads on low-value pages or applications or over-advertise until changes are made. This includes hosted ad pages or contentless pages or programs.

Many possible reasons for rejection

"Low value" or "non-affiliate" content means that your blog content has no value to advertisers. You don't create high-quality content and focus on providing a great user experience to visitors.
  • Your content is not original which means you copied or copied it from somewhere else.
  • You don't have enough content on your site which means your site doesn't have enough posts or articles.

  • Your text content is very little and it mainly consists of images, flash, and video.
  • You are using low-quality and unprofessional thumbnails in your blog posts.
One of the most common is the robots.txt file, which blocks all crawlers. If so, Google crawlers will not find anything. This is usually easy to fix.

Another possibility is that your site is very new and no pages (or just a handful) are indexed. Each page of less than forty content-based pages is considered "under construction" or - sometimes "without content" by Adsense.

Another reason for this rejection is that pages are more images than text. Adsense is textual and based on high-quality grammar, complete articles, or posts that offer fresh and original content. If you have more images or videos, as Adsense says it is "no content".

There are websites that are hidden behind the login, so the bots can not find the content. And some of them are right-clicked off - which means the robots can't find anything.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Write 25 to 30 articles with a total of 800 to 2000 words.
  • Check if your AdSense template is user-friendly.
  • If your template is AdSense Friendly, that's fine.
  • If the template is not AdSense friendly, change the template as well.
  • Also, check that your template is not redirected to other sites.
  • Use 2 to 5 images in each post.
Understanding Policy: How to Request a Review

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