Fitoor Drama Cast || Geo Tv - Name Pakistan

  •  January 14, 2021
  •  Drama, Romance
  •  Thursday 8pm (PKT)
  •  GEO TV
  • 7th Sky Entertainment


Ismat Zaidi as Bushra, Haider's mother, and Mehmal's aunt

Saba Hameed as Aneesa, Dilnasheen's mother

Tanveer Jamal as Sadiq, Rida and Hamza's father

Farhan Ally Agha as Asim, Haider's brother in law

Annie Zaidi as Somi, Hamza, and Rida's mother

Tipu Sharif as Ansab, Mehmal's ex-husband

Kamran Jeelani as Yawar, Dilnasheen's brother

Mizna Waqas as Afia, Sara's and Dilnasheen's sister-in-law,

Faheema Awan as Sara, Haider's sister

Zohreh Amir as Rida, Hamza's sister

Saife Hassan as Haroon, Afsiya's father

Kanwal Khan as Afsiya, Haroon's daughter Syed Arez


Wahaj Ali as Hamza

Hamza is a very emotional and chaotic character. His 'obsession (fitoor)' is to get Love of his Life Dilnasheen back. He is the son of a rich and powerful businessman. He is madly in love with Dilnasheen but his parents were not willing to let them get married as they thought Dilnasheen who was from a middle-class background cannot fit their elite life. This causes Hamza to attempt suicide but he is rescued by his father who now accepts Dilnasheen. But all in vain, after Dilnasheen's marriage to Haider, heartbroken Hamza goes abroad and is given to drug abuse. He later returns on his father's demise and begins his pursuit to marry Dilnasheen.

Faysal Qureshi as Haider.

 Haider's fitoor is to forget about his painful past and move on with his Wife Dilnasheen. Haider is a middle-aged, self-made rich businessman who deeply cares about those around him. He was dumped by Mehmal when he was young because he was not rich so he worked his way up to become a successful CEO of an Architecture Firm. He decides to marry Dilnasheen after years of loneliness as he is attracted to her at first sight.

Kiran Haq as Mehmal,

 She cherishes a lavish lifestyle and can go to any heights to maintain it. She dumped Haider but now her fitoor is to get back to him. She is greedy and married Ansab for money but he was abusive towards her. She realized her mistake of not accepting Haider and comes back to his life creating difficulties for Dilnasheen in the process.

Hiba Bukhari as Dilnasheen, 

she is a beautiful and simple girl. Her fitoor is to sustain her forced marriage like a typical Pakistani girl. She was in love with Hamza. But due to family pressure, she marries Haider. After her marriage to Haider, she becomes extremely faithful towards him and concentrates on her marriage but her relation with Haider deteriorates due to Mehmal's ulterior motives. She is continuously haunted by her past love affair with Hamza.

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