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Over the years the French forward Karim Benzema had promised a lot as a striker of rare quality however it is only in the World Cup in 2014 that he has really come into his own and hence it is not surprising that he has scored 3 goals in 3 matches, including a goal that was disallowed by the referee as the final whistle had been blown. Now, Benzema might be a star in his own right but not a lot is known about the 26-year-old and this article seeks to change that trend by providing you with 10 of the lesser-known facts about his life and career so far.

Facts about Karim Benzema
Facts about Karim Benzema

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10. He is of Algerian Descent

It is a well-known fact that a majority of the footballers in the French national team are not actually indigenous Frenchman and in this regard, Karim Benzema is not really an exception since he is of Algerian descent. It was actually Benzema’s grandfather who decided to move to France and since then the family has been the residents of the city of Lyon. As a matter of fact, the clan on his mother’s side are also from Algeria and also moved to Lyon at some point in time. Hence, Benzema is someone who is as much an Algerian as he is a Frenchman.

9. He is a Deeply Religious Man

Now, it is not often possible for professional footballers to pray regularly due to their busy schedules but such explanations merely come across as excuses when you come across someone like Karim Benzema. He is a devout Muslim and makes sure that he prays as much as he possibly can, however the most striking feature about his commitment to his faith is that he fasts during the holy month of Ramadan although it is not ideal for an elite athlete to go without food for long periods.

8. He Made His Professional Debut At the Age of 16

There is a well-known saying in football that ‘if you are good enough, you are old enough’ and hence Olympic Lyonnais, the club in his hometown Lyon that Benzema joined as a 9-year-old gave him his debut at the age of 16. However, it needs to be mentioned that it was not a random decision by the management of the club since Benzema had actually shown great promise right from the time he first came to the club as a child and in fact played brilliantly in the age-group tournaments.

7. The Algerian Football Authorities Requested Him to Play for Their National Team

Now, it is not really a new trend in football to come across top footballers being courted by the two different countries since they are eligible to play for both by descent or by residency, and Benzema he had to go through this trouble as well since the Algerian football federation asked him to play for their national team due to his descent. However, Benzema, who was born and brought up in France, declined to do so and instead decided to play for France. In a press statement, he stated, “Algeria is my parents’ country and it is in my heart, but football-wise I will only play for the French national team”.

6. He Has Inherited Zidane’s Famous Number

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The number 10 is almost always worn by the best player in a football team and for France, that number was worn by none other than their former great Zinedine Zidane, who inspired them to the 1998 title. However, after he retired from international football, the famous jersey had to be passed on to someone who could be worthy of the number and the French football authorities decided to hand it to none other than Karim Benzema. You would be surprised to know that Zidane was also of Algerian descent like Benzema although that has nothing to do with the fact that he was given that jersey.

5. He did not hire a Private Tutor to Learn Spanish

Whenever a footballer joins a club in a country, which whose language he is unfamiliar, he hires a private tutor to learn the language so that he can take care of himself in that country. However, unlike most football stars Karim Benzema did not hire the services of a Spanish tutor when he joined Real Madrid from Lyonnais and instead learned the language on his own by following what his teammates used to say among themselves.

4. He Used to Be Considered ‘Lazy and Lethargic’ At One Point

Benzema has a languid way about himself when he is out there playing football and he trains as hard as anybody in the business which has made him into one of the most lethal strikers on the planet. However, there used to be a time when his career was in the doldrums because of his apparent laziness and that was pointed out by Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho when he first took charge of the club. After a few weeks of training, Mourinho reportedly told Benzema, “If we revolved around you we would have to start training at 12 o’clock because you get here at 10 half asleep and you’re still sleeping at 11”. Since that day Benzema cleaned up his act and started training harder.

3. He Loves to Watch Gangster Movies

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Now, the French are regarded as the masters of filmmaking, and over the years they have produced some of the most compelling movies in recent history, however, Frenchman Karim Benzema loves the Hollywood gangster flicks instead of the French films. One of his favorite movies is American Gangster since the movie is based on a real-life character and another reason why he likes the movie is because of the fact that his favorite actor Denzel Washington is in the lead role.

2. He Loves Holidaying in Ibiza

It is a well-known fact the Ibiza is the playground of the rich and famous during the summer months every year and during the period Benzema usually spends time there during the off-season. Although you would expect him to be a fan of the French Riviera, Benzema is not particularly keen on it and almost every year journalists manage to get a few pictures of him sunbathing on the beaches of Ibiza. In addition to that, most of the footballers from Spain go there during their holidays and that is also one of the reasons why he prefers Ibiza.

1. He Faced Arrest for Hiring the Service of an Underage Prostitute

At number 1 is the rather grim chapter from Benzema’s life in which he along with 3 other French footballers were being investigated by the French authorities for hiring the services of a teenage prostitute in Paris. Benzema denied the rumors throughout and was eventually let off the hook after a prolonged investigation. The other footballers involved were French stars Franck Ribery, Sidney Govou, and Hatem Ben Arfa. It was, without doubt, one of the most trying periods of his life and not surprisingly he reinvented his form after he was cleared of all the charges.


Those were some of the rather little-known facts from the life of Karim Benzema that you must have found quite interesting. Please feel free to share it with your friends.

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