Best 49 Funny Urdu Quotes & Jokes of All Time

If you are a fun-loving person, take a little break to check these 50+ Funny Quotes In urdu that will definitely make you laugh louder than ever.

Laughter is truly the best medicine for your health as well as your soul. Having a little dose of humor gives you an extra boost of positivity. That’s the reason we’ve picked some of the funniest Quotes In Urdu from around the globe that can help you balance your mood.

These Funny quotes will definitely add a little more joy to your day. So enjoy and spread the fun by sharing these funny quotes without any delay!!!

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Friends, today we have brought for you Funny Funny Quotes in Urdu (Funny Quotes in Hindi) which will make you laugh and laugh after reading it. In today's stressful life, every person wants that some moments of his life should be spent in laughter, so that his tension should be reduced a little. Keeping this thought in mind, has brought to you the amazing Funny Quotes in urdu with Images (Funny Quotes in Hindi with Images) which you will get lost in the world of entertainment after reading.

In this article you will find different types of funny quotes like Funny Love Quotes in urdu (Funny Love Quotes in Hindi), Funny Quotes in urdu on Life (Funny Quotes in Hindi on Life), Funny Quotes in urdu for WhatsApp (Funny Quotes in Hindi) Hindi for Whatsapp), Funny Quotes on Friendship in urdu (Funny Quotes on Friendship in Hindi) with Images which you can download for free and also share with your friends on WhatsApp or Facebook.

If you are upset or sad due to some reason, then you will be very happy by reading our Funny Quotes on Life in urdu (Funny Quotes on Life in Hindi) and your problems will be reduced to some extent. You can make your boyfriend or girlfriend laugh a lot by downloading our Funny Love Quotes in urdu (Funny Love Quotes in Hindi) for free by putting them on (WhatsApp Status) WhatsApp Status or (Facebook Status) Facebook Status. We hope you will laugh a lot with these Funny Quotes in Hindi with Images for Love, Life, and Friendship.

Funny Quotes in URDU: If you want to laugh then we have taken good care of you in this post. We are here to bring you some of the best Funny Quotes in Urdu to make you laugh. You can apply these funny quotes, funny quotes and Hindi jokes as status on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram or share with your friends on social media to bring smile on their face and make them happy.

Our ancestors and doctors have rightly said – Laughter is really the best medicine. A smile on your face not only lowers your stress but also boosts your immunity, relaxes your entire body, controls your blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy. Calculate for yourself how big a work you will do when you bring a smile to yourself or someone else's face with URDU Funny Whatsapp Status.

 Hello, friends welcome to Friends, in today's time every person wants to live his life happily and for this, he watches funny videos on the internet or gets funny quotes in Urdu and others by putting status with funny quotes in Urdu with images on his WhatsApp and Facebook. Trying hard to make her laugh too.

Friends, many people watch many motivational shows to search for happiness, watch many videos and waste both your time and money if you are also looking for funny quotes in Urdu for WhatsApp on the internet to find happiness. If yes then you have come to the right place, here you will find many funny quotes in Urdu with images, funny quotes images and funny quotes in Urdu for friends, which you can download and send to your relatives and friends.

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