Ata Demirer Gazinosu | izle - bilet - ankara - full izle

 Ata Demirer Gazinosu |  izle - bilet -  ankara - full izle



Ata Demirer Gazinosu

Release date

December 31, 2020 (Turkey)

Country of origin


Filming locations

Istanbul, Turkey



Production company


Ata Demirer Gazinosu |  izle - bilet -  ankara - full izle

Ata demirer gazinosu izle

  • Where To Watch & Streaming Online
  • Ata Demirer Gazinosu (2020)
  • Directed by: Hakan Algul
  • Stars: Ata Demirer
  • Category: Film
  • Genre: Comedy, Music
  • Language: Turkish
  • Streaming Date: Unknown
Kerki Production ve Solfej Organizasyon tarafından düzenlenen ünlü komedyen Ata Demirer'in tek kişilik gösterisi, Ege sahillerinde hem güldürecek, hem de müzik ziyafeti yaşatacak. Taşkın Sabah yönetiminde bir orkestra ile halk müziği, pop ve arabesk şarkılardan oluşan bir repertuvar hazırlayan Ata Demirer, kendisine eşlik eden dansçılarla hem göze hem kulağa hitap edecek.


  • 19 Temmuz Çarşamba – Altınoluk Amfi Tiyatro
  • 21 Temmuz Cuma – Çeşme Açıkhava Tiyatrosu
  • 22 Temmuz Cumartesi – Bodrum Antik Tiyatro
  • 23 Temmuz Pazar – Marmaris Amfi Tiyatro
The local online TV series-film platform BluTV has prepared special programs for New Year's Eve, which people will spend at home after a difficult year due to the coronavirus (covid-19). On Thursday, December 31, 2020, at 18.00, Exactly New Year's Special and Boom by İbrahim Selim programs will meet with the audience. At 20:00, the highly anticipated Ata Demirer Casino will take its place in the Blu TV content library.

BluTV's surprises do not end on New Year's Eve. BluTV team comes with surprises to make this New Year's Eve more enjoyable for everyone to spend at home. The first surprise that the platform will bring to its members will be the Ata Demirer Casino, which brings together stand-up, laughter, music, and comedy produced by BKM.

BluTV is preparing a fun-filled program for New Year's Eve, where everyone will enter their homes after a difficult year due to the pandemic. The popular platform, which ensures that the days of staying at home are spent with pleasure with the series, movies, documentaries, and special productions it offers to its members all year, does not forget its members on the last day of 2020 with its New Year's special contents.

The first of BluTV's Christmas specials, the famous comedian Ata Demirer both sang songs and made the audience laugh with his jokes; The show that has sold out for 5 seasons will be Ata Demirer Casino. The program, which will be broadcast on a platform for the first time, will bring together humor and music, giving the audience an unforgettable experience. Promising its members the most entertaining New Year's Eve to spend at home, BluTV is getting ready to be your guest on December 31st with Ata Demirer Casino and many more surprises.

I watched it last year. It is absolutely impossible not to admire this show. I can say that it was a show that one could watch without blinking, both with songs and jokes.

It's a very enjoyable event with a bit of stand-up and a bit of a concert atmosphere. None of the imitations that Ata did well were forgotten, even if it was just a sentence or two. I liked the menopause team the most. He also got a lot of applause for the public TV joke. It is being applauded so much, who gives these yes votes?

a show where ata demirer satisfies his interest in music. In one part of the show, he sings Turkish classical music songs, and in others he gives speeches in stand-up style. imitations include some songs as well.

I knew that Ata Demirer was interested in making musical works due to his being a conservatory and the films he made. but it is certain that the main gem in him is imitation and jokes instead of music. because the monologues in the one-man giant squad make people laugh out loud. If you are not keen on Turkish classical music and arabesque, the rest of the show is boring for an audience like me.

however, even if the music played in Ata Demirer Casino does not interest you, I recommend you to watch this show if you have the opportunity. because the stand-up part makes you laugh a lot, the songs can be tolerated a little to laugh that much. By the way, don't get me wrong, the orchestra is very good, but it didn't appeal to me in terms of my musical taste.

It is a well thought and wonderful organization that I had the honor of participating in BKM last night, where you can give 110 TL and enjoy 200-300 TL.

Daddy, I know you are reading this, you are a nice man, I hope there will be more people like you who are right, talented and qualified, but also naive and humble, who know how to enjoy life and give. especially in the community that they mislead us as the art world.

scavengers atmationdepubliccoltamusal
I went for the second time last Thursday evening. I went to the first one in December last year, liked it very much, and thought I should take my wife with me. I had a little bit of fear because I was going to watch it for the second time on my way, at worst I thought it would be like a concert and listen to my favorite songs, but I was never bored, I had a lot of fun again.

There were minor differences compared to the previous show. For example, while there was a Thracian character asking about Ramiz Abi at the beginning of the second half, there was also the character of Cengiz Exukenses in the same place. In the past, Metin Akpınar had said "Let's not break up offended" superbly, and in this, he said super to his mother and daughter.

I was a little bored with the heavy songs at first, the same thing happened again. whirlwind hayriye, I cooked the chickens, they will burn you instead of me, a bunch of jasmine was perfect in terms of both pronunciation, show, and story. His observations about the hotel in Bursa, the Japanese toilet, the dog and the gardener, their living in the Aegean, visiting his mother, and the imitations of Fatih terms were very good.

I did not expect that I would laugh so much and sing songs so well in the first one, even though I knew that he had a good voice. In the meantime, it exploded in Italian and Greek. there was also a Latin, that didn't open me up much. he made the final with Bregovic's musician.

ata demirer gazinosu ankara

His speech at the end was also very good. it can be seen that he is making his dreams come true, it is very inspiring and happy. I say definitely watch it, it comes out almost every Thursday at BKM. It starts at 9 am and lasts about 3 hours.

ata demirer gazinosu bilet

Also, the whole orchestra is super, the mustachioed brother on the violin, whose name I can't remember now, is extra super.
let me

ata demirer gazinosu izle

I will be attending the 26 January Ankara screening with 2 tickets. Ata Bey, Ata Big Brother... I wanted to express my happiness for coming to a show for the first time. you can read. you are a great man. Good luck to everyone who went and couldn't go, Gencos.

Ata Demirer Gazinosu 

I don't know when I will come to Ankara again, but if I have the opportunity, I would like to go again, the very entertaining horse Demirer show, despite the cold, traffic, parking lot and crowd, it was a must-see work, I recommend it to everyone, I will only waste money and buy tickets from the front if I catch it again.

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