51 Interesting Facts about JK Rowling We Bet You Don’t Know

Recently, Harry Potter marked its 20th anniversary, and fans around the world celebrated it on 26 Jun 2017. We all love JK Rowling for creating one of our favorite characters of childhood (even now). Today, I am sharing 51 Interesting Facts about JK Rowling that you probably don’t know, no matter how big a Harry Potter fan you are. Don’t believe me? Get ready to be shocked as well as amused at the same time.

 1. JK Rowling’s birthday is 31st July. Surprisingly, it’s the birthdate of Harry Potter too.

2. JK Rowling wrote the outline of the first Harry Potter story on a napkin during a train journey.

3. Joanne was a voracious reader in childhood. She created the character of Hermoine influenced by her own 11-year-old self.

4. JK Rowling also has a secret nickname. Her friends and family often call her Jo.

5. As a child, she wrote books for her sister. Her first book was titled Rabbit.

6. JK Rowling’s first manuscript of Harry Potter was rejected by 12 publishers. In the end, Bloomsbury accepted.

7. Bloomsbury wanted JK Rowling not to use her real name – Joanne Rowling – because they believed Boys won’t want to read a book about Boy wizard written by a woman. So, she used JK Rowling instead of Joanne Rowling.

8. The letter K in JK Rowling’s name is NOT her middle name. In fact, it is the first letter of the name of her grandmother Kathleen.

9. Remember Quidditch Cup? JK Rowling scribbled 5 notebook pages with words starting with ‘Q’ to come up with the word Quidditch.

10. JK Rowling got £1500 British Pounds as Advance for her first Harry Potter book.

11. King’s Cross Station has one more significance other than being a gateway to the Wizarding world. It is where Rowling’s parents actually met.

12. There were only 1000 copies in the first print-run of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

13. All Harry Potter characters have fictional names except one – Natalie McDonald. Rowling named it after a young Canadian girl who wrote to her shortly before she died of cancer.

14. Not many fans know but JK Rowling was also featured in The Simpsons in 2003. Watch yourself!

15. JK Rowling’s favorite sport is Basketball. That’s what Quidditch is based upon.

16. She FAILED at the Oxford Entrance Exam in 1982 and ended up at Exeter University.

17. JK Rowling turned from an unemployed divorced woman into a billionaire in just 5 years.

18. Rowling is a kind philanthropist too. She donated £10 Million Pounds to the University of Edinburgh to commemorate a Neurology clinic in the name of her mother.

19. In 2012, JK published her first book for adults – The Casual Vacancy.

20.  Did you know? JK Rowling was awarded the Order of British Empire in 2001!

21. Rowling completed the very first draft of the Harry Potter manuscript on an Old-school manual typewriter.

22. Remember soul-sucking Dementors? JK Rowling created them while struggling with depression in her late 20s.

23. Today all Harry Potter books have collectively sold more than 500 million copies worldwide. Interestingly, it all began with just 1000 copies.

24. JK Rowling made a promise to her publisher that she won’t read Fifty Shades of Grey. She HADN’T till today.

25. Rowling’s editor, Barry Cunningham, warned her to get a day job because he thought it was impossible to make a living writing children’s books.

26. JK Rowling just missed out on the title of TIME’s Person of the Year in 2007. She lost it to Vladimir Putin.

27. Everyone wants to be a part of prestigious Hogwarts Houses. Rowling first wrote the names of these houses on a barf bag!

28. When asked What House would Rowling choose herself, she replied, “Gryffindor… because I value courage beyond almost anything”.

29. Rowling says now she doesn’t mind people mispronouncing her name. It actually rhymes with bowling and not howling.

30. Harry Potter Film series is the second-highest-grossing movie series in the history of cinema. JK Rowling consulted the scripts initially and later became the producer.

31. Heard of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey? No, it’s not a new book, it’s a Harry Potter theme park in Orlando which was opened in 2010.

32. In 2012, Rowling was given the Freedom of the City of London. It is the oldest traditional ceremony in London.

33. During her childhood, Joanne took Jo March from Little Things as her idol because of her strong and ambitious character.

34. In 2015, Rowling received the Red Cross Humanity Award for her extensive charitable works and donations towards the betterment of humanity.

35. JK Rowling has a whopping 5 million+ followers on Twitter. You can often find her talking to her fans and thrashing those whom she doesn’t like.

36. She wrote two companion books to the Harry Potter series – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages – which were published in 2001.

37. The earnings from these books were donated by JK Rowling to Comic Relief. It sums up to £17 million and counting.

38. Forbes listed her to be the first ever person to become a Billionaire through book writing.

39. Harvard University awarded her an Honorary degree in 2008. Her touching commencement speech at Harvard became extremely popular.

40. Rowling has three lovely kids – Jessica (from her first marriage), David, and Mackenzie.

41. Rowling loves to play block building game Minecraft with her son David.

42. You might be surprised to know Quidditch is now an actual sport having teams at many universities and its own world cup tournament.

43. During the days of her struggle, Rowling also used to teach English in Portugal.

44. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series has inspired more than 700,000 pieces of Harry Potter fan fiction which increases by at least a thousand stories every week.

45. The character of Hagrid is based on a Hell’s Angel biker JK Rowling once met.

46. JK Rowling’s first adult book, Casual Vacancy, was adapted into a TV miniseries. It has only three episodes that aired on BBC One.

47. Rowling also has a pseudonym. Yeah! it’s Robert Galbraith. She has written three novels under this name. The latest one is The Lethal White that will release this year.

48. She chose a new name for her new genre books just have a feel of a beginner again.

49. Rowling founded the international children’s organization Lumos aiming to support the 8 million children in institutions worldwide to regain their right to live a family life.

50. JK Rowling still regrets that the fact that her mother who was an avid reader didn’t know about Harry Potter as she died before Joanne could tell her.

51. Joanne always wanted the last word of the Harry Potter series must be a scar. But ultimately she changed her mind and ended it with ‘All was well.


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