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Sword of Legends 2 (2018)




Li Hong Yu


Fu Xin Bo, Ying Er, Aarif Rahman, Zeng Li, Liu Jia Tong


Action, Adventure, Historical, Fantasy


Hindi Dub (ORG) , URDU Dubbed


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 S02 Chinese Drama Series (In Hindi )
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Sword of Legends 2 (古剑奇谭2/Legend of the Ancient Sword 2) is a 2018 Chinese television series,


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At the end of the Sui Dynasty and the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, the history of China experienced a period of turbulent battles between heroes. During this period, the father and son of Li Yuan, who had the national title of "Tang", stood out, occupying Guanzhong, and destined to be Chang'an. They defeated the other anti-queens one by one, unified the Central Plains, and opened the Tang Dynasty. Li Shimin made great achievements in the rise of the Tang Dynasty, but his father Li Yuan never granted the crown prince to Li Shimin, which directly caused the deterioration of the relationship between Prince Li Jiancheng and Li Shimin, and eventually forced Li Shimin to launch a "Xuanwumen transformation" and kill Li Jiancheng forced Li Yuan to abdicate. Wei Zheng was a representative of a large number of intellectuals in the late Sui and early Tang dynasties. He personally experienced the sufferings of the people in the war and had great ambitions and ambitions. He hoped that he would help Mingjun unify the Central Plains. Destiny was fateful, and Wei Zhengsuke's three protagonists successively killed Chang'an. But Li Shimin's open-mindedness still reused Wei Zheng. Taking history as a mirror, the monarchs and ministers jointly realized "Changan in the World"


  • Aarif Rahman as Xia Yize
  • Ying Er as Wen Renyu
  • Fu Xin Bo as Yue Wuyi
  • Jiang Wen as Ah Yuan
  • Wu Mo Tong as Princess Shaoning
  • Ken Chang as Xie Yi / Chu Qi
  • Shao Bing as Shen Ye
  • Dylan Kuo as Tong
  • Fan Jun Liang as Ou Qi
  • Zeng Li as Fu Qingjiao
  • Hu Bing as Yue Shaocheng
  • Jin Qiao Qiao as Hong Shan
  • Guo Xiao Feng as Reverent Qinghe
  • He Zhong Hua as Emperor Yuansheng
  • Hou Xiang Ling as Cheng Tingyun
  • Li Yi Xiang as Ming Chuan
  • Xue Cun as Yuan Er
  • Yao Yuan as Qin Yang
  • Guo Zi Yu as Li Sen
  • Ji Dong Ran as Jin Sheng
  • Yan Xiao as Hua Yue
  • Zhao Yi Xin as Shen Xin
  • Zhang Ru Yi as Cang Ming
  • Wu De Xin as Feng Lang
  • Xu Ge as Li Zhu
  • Zhang Wen as Mian Qing
  • Jiang Hao Yan as Anni Wa'er
  • Wang Xi Wei as Mu Sha
  • Li Hao Yu as Tu Xiu
  • Liu Li You You as Su Jing


  1. Title: 古剑奇谭2 / Gu Jian Qi Tan 2
  2. English title: Swords of Legends 2
  3. Genre: Fantasy, Wuxia
  4. Episodes: 48
  5. Broadcast network: Youku
  6. Broadcast period: 2018-Jul-12

Production Credits

  • Original writing: Gu Jian Qi Tan 2: Yong Ye Chun Han Ning Bi Tian (古剑奇谭二:永夜初晗凝碧天)
  • Director: Cai Jing Sheng (蔡晶盛)
  • Screenwriter: Lei Xin Lin (雷薪琳), Chen Tai Long (陈泰龙)
  • Producer: Liu Han Dong (刘汉东), Jiang He Ning (蒋鹤宁)
  • Company: Alibaba Pictures, Chengxiang Film


The story is Yue Wuyi, a son of a wealthy Chang’an Family who leaves home on a journey of cultivation. He wants to find the master of Perform Yan-Xie Yi. Along the way, he meets Wen Renyu, Xia Yize, and Ah Ruan. Yue Wuyi finally finds Xie Yi and becomes his student. Meanwhile, an evil force named Liu Yue emerges which make Yue Wuyi and his friends in danger. Xie Yi sacrifices himself to save his student. In order to average Xie Yi and stop Liu Yue’s conspiracy, Yue Wuyi and his friends find the powerful and ancient sword Zhaoming. In the end, they stop the priest Shen Ye from destroying the world. 

Sword of Legends 2 Reviews

I have seen Swords of Legend (2014) featuring Yang Mi & Li Yi Feng - which also had a very mysterious and intriguing plot. This "sequel" is not directly tied in with the previous but continues with having introducing new legendary and powerful swords to us.

In SOL2, we are introduced to the Hanguang sword & Zhaoming sword. Hanguang is supposedly an evil sword that's cursed It’s a powerful soul that requires strength as it can decrease the energy of the person that wields it. Zhaoming is a sword that was used during the ancient battle of the gods (see below) but was broken into many pieces after the battle, and never seen again. Zhaoming sword is so powerful it can cut off the “spiritual energy” of a person.

The plot of the story is that during ancient times, during a mythological battle the sky was damaged so God Shen Nong had to slay a giant turtle to help hold up the pillars of heaven. He used the colored stone to help repair the sky. During this battle, an ancient group of human beings "Leishan tribe" assisted in this battle. As their reward, God Shen Nong granted them to live in a floating island above the earth and presented them with a tree that can give them "immortal" abilities - such as longer lives, super strength, etc. in return the Leishan tribe worshiped God Shen Nong. However throughout the years, the barrier around Leishan's tribe starts to deteriorate and the tree starts to die and people start to get sick, but the god is nowhere to be found. A demon, Li Ying, sees this opportunity and sneaks into their city and grants them help. But in turn, must help him spread demonic tree-roots throughout earth. A group of four heroes from earth discovers the truth and help rally up the martial sects to fight against the atrocities caused by Leishan’s tribe and Li Ying.

Yue Wu Yei (Fu Xin Bo) - Is a spoiled brat and Yanjia enthusiast. (Yanjia is like robots/steampunk type of creations). He is actually of royal lineage of the Wolf Clan of Jiandu (they were destroyed by war) and adopted by “the enemy” General Yue. He’s raised in a lavish environment, being given all by his adopted parents (they do love him though). He was rescued by Xie Yi (Yanjia expert) and later becomes his protege and inherits his skills & powers.

Wenren Yu (Ying Er) - Is a warrior from Baicao valley. She left the valley and now “wanted” by her clan. She is on the search for her master, who went missing after discovering Leishan’s tribe's diabolical plan. She ends up falling for Wu Yei.

Xia Yize (Aarif Rahman) - He is part of the royal family of Chang’an. His mom is consort, who happens to be a mermaid so he’s considered half-monster. He doesn’t want the throne and instead wants to practice Taoism cultivation with his master, but is thrust into palace intrigue. He ends up falling in love with “Fairy of Mount Wu” - Ruan.

Ruan (Jiang Coco) - Initially we think she’s “Fairy of Mount Wu” but she has lost her memory, as Xie Yi had locked her in stone for 10 years. She gradually figures out who she is in the end. She is very sweet and naive and gradually falls for Yize.

Important Side Characters we should know.
Xie Yi/Chu Qi - Is a Yanjia mastermind and priest from Lieshan’s Tribe. He initially doesn’t agree with causing their people to suffer from the foul air so he creates yanjia creations to try and break the barrier set by God Fuxi, but he inadvertently lets in Li Ying (the demon). He ends up rebelling against the Supreme Priest because he doesn’t think they should save their people by sacrificing earthmen for Li Ying.

Li Ying - scary/smoke demon. He feeds on people’s emotions and fears.

High Priest/Shen Ye - He is the leader of Leishan’s tribe. All he wants it is to solve his people’s dilemma of sickness, and he is willing to sacrifice earth people to Li Ying’s plan to ensure that his tribe can survive. He’s like a good anti-hero of this series.

Yu Qi - The sword spirit inside Hanguang. I liked how cool they made the sword spirit is portrayed in here. He randomly comes out to scold Wu Yei but also gives him advice. He later helps the crew by melding together Hanguang and Zhaoming's swords.

Overall, this drama isn’t terrible. I thought the plot was intriguing and I was captivated and wanted to see how it ended. I wasn’t in love with the cast, I thought it was meh (but I thought the same for SOL). I just didn’t feel “connected” to our cast. The romance isn’t super cute, but the ending was overall happy for most characters.
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