How to use SMS forwarding in iOS 8.1 on iPhone, iPad and OS X Yosemite on Mac?

 SMS forwarding in iOS 8.1 on iPhone, iPad and OS X Yosemite on Mac

At times we truly find text messages distracting, especially while sitting in office, working on most important task of the day. Now you can say Good Buy to distractions caused by friends or your spouse if you have iPhone / iPad running iOS 8.1 and OS X Yosemite in Mac Book. No need to move your neck or lay hand on other device, see all your messages over Mac Book, reply the important ones from laptop itself instantly. You always can say ‘Busy’. Here is how to receive and send message via Apple Mac.

Gadgets Required

  • Mac running OS X Yosemite.
  • iPhone running iOS 8.1.
  • iPhone and Mac signed into the same iCloud account.
  • Enable SMS / MMS Sending / Receiving On Mac

Step One: Launch the Messages app Now go to Messages and then Preferences.

Step Two: Click on Accounts tab, iCloud Account list will appear, select for appropriate account.. If you are using this app first time Click on + button to add new iCloud account.

Step Three: Check Enable this account option corresponding to your iPhone Number.

Step 3: Make sure that the Enable this account option is checked for the account you want to use along with your iPhone’s phone number.

Enabling SMS / MMS Forwarding On iPhone

Step One: Launch the Settings app.

Step Two: Scroll down and navigate to Messages > Text Message Forwarding. Now in iMessage add a valid email address along with your Phone No.

Step Three: Tap Text Message Forwarding; list of devices will pop out, iPad / Mac / iPhone (if you have more iPhones)

Step 4: Select your device and iOS will take you to enter a six-digit validation code sent to your selected device, for example, your Mac. Enter the validation code on your iPhone.

Now two devices are connected (For example, your iPhone and Mac)

Sending / Receiving SMS / MMS From Mac

In your Mac running OS X Yosemite Incoming Messages will appear in Notification Center alongwith contact name or number only if sender name is not listed in your directory. Reply from window directly or you can go to Message App and Reply as per your convenience.
Also you can connect more iPhones same ways to you Mac PC and iPads to receives SMS and MMS from other devices and reply all.

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