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Download Time Korean Drama
Download Time Korean Drama

Synopsis of Time:

This is the story of two polar opposite people that come together in tragedy. One remains stuck in time, whilst the other only has a limited amount of time left to live.

Seol Ji Hyun is a woman who, although living a hard life, remains positive, upbeat and social.

Cheon Soo Ho is the CEO of a restaurant and the son of a wealthy family with a terrible temper and no regard for other people.

They both meet briefly under negative impressions of each other. However, their lives become entangled once more when Ji Hyun’s sister dies unexpectedly in Soo Ho’s residence.

From there, Ji Hyun’s time stops and she becomes a cold, miserable person who finds nothing to live for. But Soo Hoo,

who carries heavy guilt and is drawn to her, promises to himself to use the 6 months he has left to live to help her, whose life was destroyed because of him. In the process,

Soo Ho falls in love with Ji Hyun, but how far can love develop when you only have a limited time left to live?


Title: Time /  The Time / Shigan

Hangul Title: 시간

Genre: Romance, Crime, Melodrama, Tragedy, Investigation

Director: Jang Joon Ho

Writer: Choi Ho Chul

Episode: 32

Showtimes: Jul 25, 2018 – Sep 20, 2018

Airtime: Wednesday, Thursday

Channel: MBC

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