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Download Faith Korean Drama
Download Faith Korean Drama

Synopsis of Faith:

After being found in 918, the kingdom of Goryeo faced a critical existential crisis when the powerful Yuan dynasty tried to subjugate them. 

In the fictional setting of this drama, a warrior living in the timeline of Goryeo meets a plastic surgeon living in the present day. The plastic surgeon gets kidnapped by the warrior who got an order from the king to find a doctor who can cure the fatally injured queen. 

The two individuals who were not meant to coexist are brought together to fight their way through the ordeals on the land of Goryeo. The warrior makes a promise that he will return her to her world, but a scheming royal advisor persuades the king to force the surgeon to stay as she can be useful to him. There, the surgeon falls in love with the warrior who is the leader of the royal guard. In this era of change and chaos,

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Title: The Great Doctor / Faith

Other Title: 신의

Genre: Action, Historical, Romance, Drama, Medical, Fantasy,

Director: Kim Jong-Hak

Writer: Song Ji-Na

Episode: 24

Showtimes: August 13, 2012 – October 30, 2012

Channel: SBS

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