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Download Bad Guys Korean Drama
Download Bad Guys Korean Drama

Synopsis of Bad Guys:

Fight crime with crime? A police force is under pressure to curb the rising violent crimes in its district.

Detective Oh Goo Tak (Kim Sang Joong) will do whatever it takes to hunt down criminals, which often gets him suspended for the use of excessive force. When his chief asks him to form a special team made up of criminals to go after other dangerous criminals, ambitious police inspector Yoo Mi Young (Kang Ye Won) eagerly signs on.

Goo Tak secures the release of three convicts to form his dream team of bad boys. Park Woong Chul (Ma Dong Seok) is a gangster famous for getting to the top of the gangster ranks in 25 days. Lee Jung Moon (Park Hae Jin) is a serial killer with a genius IQ. Jung Tae Soo (Jo Dong Hyuk) is a hired hit man who turned himself in one day only to carry out his killings from inside prison.

Can this dangerous group of notorious criminals restore order in a crime-ridden area? “Bad Guys” is a 2014 South Korean drama series directed by Kim Jung Min.


Title: Bad Guys /  Nappeun Nyeoseokdeul

Other Title: 나쁜 녀석들

Genre: Action, Thriller, Psychological, Crime, Investigation

Director: Kim Jung-Min

Writer: Han Jung-Hoon

Episode: 11

Showtimes: October 4 – December 13, 2014

Airtime: Saturday

Channel: OCN

Download Korean Drama Bad Guys:

Bad Guys (2014) Episode 1 – 11 – Download

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